PLBsearch: Growing with LinkedIn Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case is utilized in Darden's "Digital Marketing" course elective. It examine’s the encounter of a market investigative firm whose originator credited her capability to start her recruitment firm to LinkedIn as well as the new model of recruiting it twisted.

LinkedIn Corporation had been one of the most triumphant firms in the digital media arena, with more than 4,000 workers and a market capitalization of over $25.5 billion in August 2013. But few folks comprehended how LinkedIn had grown and become profitable.

LinkedIn had multiple unique facets to research: its focus on professional--not simply private--social interaction, the organization's B2B elements, and also its promotion positioning from user experience to growth and targeting strategy.

PLBsearch Growing with LinkedIn Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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PLBsearch: Growing with LinkedIn

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