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Abstract: Ricoh Canada Inc., headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a fully owned subsidiary company of Japanese technology giant Ricoh Company, Ltd. The case's core problem arises due to truth that the continuous accomplishment of a business model based on preserving and selling digital print solutions is coming to an end.

Ricoh Canada Inc. is at the forefront of a business trying to transform its look. For a long period of time Ricoh has been known as the "printer guys," despite, within a time period of three years the market that Ricoh Canada Inc. has for such a long time relied on is going to diminish. With strong cash flow from its inherited business Ricoh Canada Inc. must decisively decide where to invest to ensure yields for the future; services such as IT support and document management seem to be the obvious answer, but the question of how Ricoh Canada should grow in these new markets is not so apparent.

Ricoh Canada Inc. case study solution


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