Xiameter: The Past And Future Of A “Disruptive Innovation” Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-5-0702 © 2006
Kashani; Kamran; Francis; Inna

The case scenario is concerning a successful approach formulated at Dow Corning for promotion commodity silicones; a substance used in diverse applications. It deals with significant issues in B2B advertising: refocusing on user needs and developing a "needs-based" segmentation of industrial customers; bundling and de-bundling of technical services; branding of commodity substances; webbased low price/no-frills value proposition; making money with commodities.

Xiameter The Past And Future Of A “Disruptive Innovation” Case Solution

At the conclusion the students are inquired to look at the accomplishment of Xiameter (the business’s net-established brand) and determine its future. The alternatives are: keep status quo; incrementally fine tune the strategy; go for a significant overhaul. 2011 ECCH award winner (Marketing)

Subjects: Marketing industrial commodities; Srategic innovation; E-commerce; Industrial segmentation; Dual branding
Settings: Global; Silicones; US$4 billion; 2001-2006

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Xiameter: The Past And Future Of A “Disruptive Innovation”

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