Reputation: A Bridge To The Advertising Future Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2088 © 2011
Leleux, Benoit F.; Scheel Agersnap, Barbara

Prior to releasing the business, the 3 creators had actually worked together as a group at a Danish mid-sized advertising company called Bergsøe. As the worker count installed, so did the disappointment of the 3 good friends. They desired more out of their tasks: much better procedures, much better outcomes for their customers, and much better benefits for themselves.

Exactly what was required was the capability to provide a one-stop, full-solution company which would take care of every structure block of an industrial reputation, focused on the idea of Corporate Identity. The 3 had actually been playing around with the concept of going independent in that brand-new specific niche market for some time. Running an advertising company in Denmark showed an obstacle; stabilizing the management of innovative souls and the pragmatism of account directors was an irreversible balancing act, all that in a market that was treacherously competitive and little.

Subjects: Advertising; Reputation management; Brand building; Marketing; Promotion; Brand management; Managing growth; Services
Settings: Denmark ; Advertising; Public relations; Marketing ; 50 employees ; 2001-2011

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Reputation: A Bridge To The Advertising Future

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