Learning To Lead In China: Michael Faye Goes To China (Cartoon) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1695 © 2006
Fischer, William A.; Chung, Rebecca

This case; provided in an intriguing cartoon format; explains the very first 2 weeks after Michael Faye (camouflaged); an expatriate executive; takes control of as president of the continuous China operations of a leading Western international corporation. A Zimbabwean by birth; with substantial Asian experience; Michael had little first-hand experience in the China market. His obstacle lay in rapidly climbing up a high learning curve to discover the most convenient and fastest course to satisfy his twin objectives of rearranging the operations within the China market and rearranging China within the international corporation's state of mind.

Learning To Lead In China Michael Faye Goes To China (Cartoon) Case Study Solution

Together the 2 cases focus on the style "Learning about Leading in China"; and motivate individuals to think about the really various learning designs and typical management characteristics of 2 expatriate executives dealing with engaging supervisory difficulties in growing their Chinese company. The cases promote individuals to show on: 1) exactly what their own management and learning designs are like; and their ramifications; 2) exactly what they might do to end up being more effective and efficient leaders and students in any brand-new task; and 3) how to discover from one another throughout class conversation.

Subjects: Chinese national champion; China; Emerging market; Overseas assignment; Leadership; Change management; Growth; Learning; Expatriate
Settings: China; Medical solutions; Over 30;000 employees worldwide; 2006

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Learning To Lead In China: Michael Faye Goes To China (Cartoon)

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