Patrik Bernstein (A): From Suit To Jeans Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1611 © 2006
Schwass, Joachim; Leleux, Benoit F.; Lindblom, Anna

At the age of 35 Patrik Bernstein; presently the marketing supervisor for Unilever's skin department in Indonesia; begins to feel that something is missing out in his life. He had a incredible household; gotten invites to expensive suppers; had a great home and automobile and an adequate cash in the bank. And then there was the industrial politics ... That night in Jakarta was to alter Bernstein's and his household's life permanently.

Persuading his other half to do it was the hardest part of all - Bernstein was truthful with her: Dodi; I have got to do this. Let's make an offer. With his powers of persuasion Bernstein handled to win his spouse over; and so the household left their monetary security behind and set off on a journey that was going to be much rougher than they might ever have actually anticipated ...
Patrik Bernstein (A) From Suit To Jeans case study solution

Subjects: Entrepreneurship; Work/Life Balance; Family Business; Strategy; Start up companies; Career choice; Boblbee
Settings: Sweden and globally; 1995-2005

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