The World is Flat…The World is Lumpy? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Suited to MBA, EMBA, GEMBA, and executive education programs, this note sets the stage to unfold an analysis of popular views about the way the world works. On one hand, some believe that globalization has leveled the playing field and that global competition has created a flattened world.

Yet a zest to view the world as level, others have said, results in an under-estimation of the differences between nations- exact replication, standardization, and scale expansion on a global basis might be debatable. In this note, we admit the level world has some lumps, but there are certain consequences on both sides that business leaders need to be aware of in order to create world-wide efficacy regardless of whether the world is considered to be flat or round. The note offers three practical examples that pupils implement their learning and may work through.

The World is Flat...The World is Lumpy Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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The World is Flat…The World is Lumpy?

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