Braniff International: The Ethics of Bankruptcy (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Designed to improve the understanding of corporate responsibility in connection with the bankruptcy decision. Case documents for the implementation of anti-crisis plan financially ailing Braniff International. This includes a new marketing strategy and operations, concessions from labor, management changes and financial restructuring. The narrative describes the deterioration in the financial condition of the company and the choices made by the CEO and CFO, to raise cash and avoid filing. These choices and events have led to a gradual disabilities. It was agreed that efforts to reorganize under Chapter XI of the Law on bankruptcy reform is preferable to be placed in involuntary bankruptcy under Chapter VII. This requires the maintenance of secret preparation, and eventually feed off guard. "Hide
by Kenneth E. Goodpaster, David E. Whiteside Source: Harvard Business School 12 pages. Publication Date: July 23, 1984. Prod. #: 385001-PDF-ENG

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Braniff International: The Ethics of Bankruptcy (A)

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