Blogging: A New Play in Your Marketing Game Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The appearance, proliferation, and ubiquity of the Internet have not only transformed companies, but also altered the relationship between the company and the customer. Recent improvements in technology have helped to migrate this relationship to an interactive level where technology leads to brand construction by creating and sustaining a long term relationship with the customer.

Media fragmentation and customer indifference to conventional advertising instruments are pushing marketers to seek new opportunities so the marketing message not only captures customers' attention, but also attempts to engage them with the firm. This paper discuss blogs within the circumstance of creating this innovative, more enduring association with the consumer. Blogs are conversed within the framework of Web 2.0, the next production of the Internet, which is constituted of user-created content and social computing. The usage of blogs by several businesses as tools to employ the customer in the creation, delivery, and dissemination of advertising messages is also exhibited.


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Blogging: A New Play in Your Marketing Game Plan

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