The Kariba Dam Hydroelectric Energy Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Due to the recent collapse of the Kariba dam at the end of the fiscal year 2014, extensive attention was given to this incident. Hence, the majority of the funding was secured, but there was still the need to attain more funding by the project because of the need to deal with upcoming incidents.

In addition, Kariba Dam is considered as one of the largest manmade dam reservoir across the globe, which has a height of almost 128m and a length of almost 617m. This Dam is also capable of holding 181 billion cubic meters of water.

Moreover, the Kariba Dam has great importance to the energy security in the form of hydropower electricity. From Kariba dam has supplied water to hydro power stations as well. Hence, ZESCO Zambia electricity Supply Company has the responsibility of the operations related to the North bank station.

On the other hand, the ZPC Zimbabwe Power Corporation is responsible for the South bank station. The installed capacity over there is almost 750 MW and there are still projects that have to be taken into consideration to increase this capacity to 1,050 MW.

Despite this, Kariba town has the population of almost 46,000 residents whose needs have to be fulfilled by the Kariba Dam. Nevertheless, according to a report that was issued by, which mentioned that Kariba town was not able to obtain benefits from the activities of Kariba (CFA institute annual conference , n.d.).

Moreover, there is a need to perform activities that will benefit the town of Karibaby increasing the tourism and the funds required for the development of the areas as well. It is also evident that most of the residents of Kariba Town are involved in the fishing industry. In addition, the most important aspect is based on the design of the dam, which was taken into consideration by Andre Coyne a French engineer. He designed 70 dams in 14 countries.

Moreover, ZRA was also advised on the matters in relation to the maintenance, safety as well as the satisfactory operation of the Kariba Dam. The studies and the work included the rehabilitation of the spillway and the sustainability regarding the plunge pool as well as the construction of emergency gate.

Economic and Financial Feasibility and Viability

By taking into consideration the financial and economic feasibility and viability, it can be mentioned that the risks that are attached to the economic category include the risk of liquidity and the financial crisis. It may also include the increase in the rate or unemployment and the failure of physical infrastructure that is in place.

Hence, it can be mentioned that Kariba dam has been providing power to the Southern African region for almost a period of almost 50 years and now is the time to perform rehabilitation in order to continue performing safely. However, there is a need to perform the implementation of a program for a period of 10 years.

Apart from that, it is also worth mentioning that the economy of South Africa has the second largest position in Africa. Moreover, the final cost that is related to the phase I of the project is $77.61 million and this cost was incurred in the fiscal year 1961(H Eakin, 2006).

In addition to this, while conducting the analysis, it shows that the costs of the project are reported in the nominal terms and they were denominated in five currencies as well. The Kariba dam is comprised of two stages, the first stage is comprised of an arch dam on the south bank, and the second stage is comprised of the north bank.

The Kariba Dam Hydroelectric Energy Project Case Solution

Hence, as per the information available in the case it can be mentioned that there was not sufficient attention given to the downstream flood potential and its impact upon the residents. As a result, this shows that there will be a catastrophic failure of Kariba dam over the people of for a long period.....................

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