Plantar S.A. (Brazil): The Value of Carbon Assets Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Plantar SA is a producer of pig iron based in Brazil working on the integrated supply chain produces 100% green iron. The company gradually converting coke fed into blast furnaces from fossil to green (that is, the coal produced from renewable biomass). The company owns a large eucalyptus plantations in Brazil, and was the first in Brazil to obtain permission to trade Kyoto Protocol carbon credits. At the material time the international and local levels, processes and technical procedures were not sufficiently defined. The World Bank saw the plantar as an opportunity to consolidate the process and demonstrate the Kyoto Protocol. Plantar project was a success from a purely financial point of view. In addition, it has put the organization on a path of significant change and new opportunities for growth.
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by John Zerio, Marco A. Conejero Source: Thunderbird School of Global Management 18 pages. Publication Date: August 28, 2009. Prod. #: TB0011-PDF-ENG

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Plantar S.A. (Brazil): The Value of Carbon Assets

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