Covisint (A): The Evolution of a B2B Marketplace Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ford Motor Co, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, and - three original equipment manufacturers (OEM), which dominated the automobile industry in the 20th century - beginning of Covisint in February 2000, as the exchange of supply chain industry, which would drive the cost and helps to manage complex rigidly hierarchical communications industry. Big 3 source of all vehicle components from a large Tier 1 suppliers. Limiting the number of partners and using online technology to support collaboration and performance tracking, as well as to drive costs out of the supply chain, the manufacturers hope that the cycle can be reduced, and they could finally reach to build custom cars. Successful exchange, which brought together industry was vital to this vision. Covisint was founded with a "borrowed" the rate of 3 employees and more than $ 250 million in funding from the OEM-manufacturers. Its business model has evolved several times, as he moved to bring products to market and meet the needs of its founders. Running burned through six CEOs in three years, and now Bob Paul is considering to take the general manager hot seat. "Hide
by Lynda M. Applegate, Elizabeth Collins Source: Harvard Business School 29 pages. Publication Date: June 29, 2005. Prod. #: 805110-PDF-ENG

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Covisint (A): The Evolution of a B2B Marketplace

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