The Impact of Services/Programs provided by Development Finances’ for SME’s Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Background of the Study

Small and medium enterprises are crucial for the success of a country especially the developing and under-developed countries. SMEs form the basic infrastructure for the country and help in boosting the economic growth of the country as well. Sub-Sahara region is also on the verge of growth and there are multiple SMEs that are present in the region especially in Kenya and not a vast majority has a bank account.According to a survey it has been revealed that only 27% of SMEs in Kenya have a bank account and are exposed to financial services like accessing credit (P.E. Petrakis, 2012).

The role of SMEs in the growth of such developing and under-developed regions is very crucial as they offer multiple advantages and benefits that are not easy to ignore. Creation of job opportunities in urban and rural regions, utilizing local resources that are readily available but not utilized properly and supporting large sectors like agriculture are the few to be mentioned and discussed. Apart from that, SMEs are not dependent on heavy capital to initiate a business and often offer support to the government in the form of skill training at no cost or at very low cost.

Thus, the importance of SMEs is crucial for the success and has a vital role to play in the development of the economy of the country. Thus, the study will be focusing on the role explained in the theories of the SMEs in the development of the country and the access of SMEs to the financial and non-financial services. The focus will be primarily on the Sub-Saharan region, which is the main head of the study and will identify the access to which these development services are exposed to SMEs.

Problem Definition

The study will be identifying the role of development financial services and products in the growth of SMEs in the Sub-Saharan region especially and what is the impact of the provision and non-provision of these services on the performance of the SMEs in the region. The topic is quite brief and precise in its length as the topic will be focusing on a specific region and the impact of such services in this region on particular, which is the main head to be focused and discussed in the study and the problem around which the study will be revolving around.

The paper will be focusing on identifying the services and programs provided by the development financial institutions to the SME market and which services that the development financial institutions provide are easily accessed and acquired by the SMEs. Furthermore, the study will also be focusing on the type of SMEs that are accessing the services provided by DFI quite regularly and which are the ones that are lacking behind in accessing such services. Moreover, the investigation will also cater the gap between the supply and demand of such services and also examine and the reason that are forcing the gap (P.E. Petrakis, 2012).

In addition to this, the study will also focus on examining the sectors that are seeking more benefit from the provision of services by DFI and how such services are helping these sectors to grow. Furthermore, the study will also identify the services that are facilitating the growth of SMEs in regular intervals and are vital for SMEs in the future scenario. It will also identify and examine the correlation of SME growth with access to non-financial services, access to finance and access to markets. Correlation between these elements is the main focus point of the study that will be studied thoroughly.

The Impact of ServicesPrograms provided by Development Finances’ for SME’s Growth Case Solution

Lastly, the study will be focusing on identifying the impact of the services and programs provided by the development financial institutions towards the growth of the SMEs in the region. This is the main and major point or the problem that the study will be catering as the identification of the impact that whether it is positive or negative is quite important to identify. All the above-stated questions are the main problems, which can be referred as research questions of the study around in which the study will be pondering or revolving........................

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