Supply Chain Management and Walmart Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Walmart signed strategic vendor partnerships so they can find products at reasonable prices from suppliers. Walmart helped different stores to reduce consumer product prices. In this pursuit of lowering prices for consumer retail products, Walmart had to invest in technology in how stores restock shelves at their stores.

Supply Chain Management and WalMart case study solution

Walmart’s supply chain deeply relied upon technology. Walmart had been discussing a lot of different information with its partners albeit a lot of companies ignored the importance of sharing information. Walmart does not believe in the centralization of authority. Walmart worked hard to be ranked amongst the top 20 retail stores around the world by Gartner. Walmart also spends money to make supplier’s behave according to its own wishes. Supply Chain Management has been working effectively and sending the right type of products to right customers. It delegated the authority of selling different products to different suppliers. However Walmart is facing an increasing criticism that it had been holding a lot of inventory in the Distribution centers rather than in stores. In the last 12 months Walmart managed to earn profits of around $483 Billion. That was more than annual earnings of 4 top retail stores.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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