Achieving Excellence in Global Sourcing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Global Search is an advanced, yet comprehensive approach to the search and supply chain management. Uses survey research to assess the extent to which the company is currently practicing global sourcing, which involves the integration and coordination of common items, materials, processes, technologies, designs and suppliers around the world through the purchase, design, and operating locations. In a sample of executives supply mainly from large North American-based multinational corporations, in particular, the producers, the majority of respondents said that their companies engage in some form of international shopping, less integrated and coordinated approach than global sourcing. However, more than 70% of executives surveyed said their companies plan to use global sourcing in the future. Defines a set of functions is common among companies that stand out in the global search for: executive commitment to global sourcing, rigorous and well-defined global search process, the resources needed for global sourcing initiatives, including access to qualified staff and budget, information technology systems, the analysis these global support, institutional design features that support the initiative, such as the Executive Committee, which monitors global sourcing, structured approaches to communication, such as regular review of strategy sessions.;, and methodologies for measuring the savings from a global search "Hide < br /> by Robert J. Trent, Robert M. Monczka Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 11 pages. Publication Date: September 1, 2005. Prod. #: SMR183-PDF-ENG

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Achieving Excellence in Global Sourcing

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