Strategy and competition Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Strategy and competition Case Study Solution

The reason behind the success of the superstar companies is that they outshine in their use of creative and structure organizational practices that are deemed necessary in projects that are complex in nature.

As the superstar companies are becoming increasingly successful they have taken over the industrial economy and are providing wealth to a small number of people while having excessive control over the politics which is dangerous. These firms are tightening their grasp in the global markets and are uniting with each other in order to get even bigger in terms of size and profit. Cooperate profit of America has grown significantly since 1929 as a proportion of GDP. Google, apple and amazon along with their peers are dominating the economy. They are accelerating mainly because they have learned the art of combining the benefits of size with the virtues related to entrepreneurialism. They are getting ahead of their competitors in all the areas one after another and are establishing strong defense against its rivals.

Strategies to maintain high growth rate

Sustainability is more an option but has become an essential need in the current era. Achieving and maintaining high growth is only possible when an appropriate strategy is combined with right market at right time. Growing and sustaining a business require appropriate intellectual capital, strategic partnership and alliances, strong product or services along with strong demand in the market place.  Apart from these fundamental, it also requires to build a strong operational foundation in order to minimize the risk associated with the business over the period.

Firms in order to grow and sustain high growth rate must incorporate certain strategies that will ensure that the firm is established on a strong foundation that will help in achieving long term success. A firm cannot sustain its growth without an army of skillful employees. Having right bunch of people in your firm is essential for the sustainability and growth of the business. Therefore, as a part of the strategy the company should keep on refreshing its talent pool in order to provide relevant support to the business model. (Cale, 2015)

Apart from that continuous innovation is essential in order to maintain the share in the market. Occasional changes in the product and slight modification in the packaging can open new market opportunities. In order to make the strategy successful it is important to understand the market before exploring the new market opportunities.

In addition to this, firms in order to sustain their self should keep on introducing new products in the market that are align with the growing needs of the consumers, in order to increase the chances of success. However introducing new products in the market might possess certain challenges and risk which can avoided by conducting detailed analysis of the consumers need and the potential market in which the product is being launched.

A sustainable success can only be achieved when firms will repeatedly examine their sense of purpose while ensuring that organization is serving it properly. An authentic purpose gives more rises to the companies USP because it helps in achieving a clearer vision that adds value to the product and services being offered by the company.

To establish a scalable business it is important for firms to develop emotion connection with its customer in order to build strong brand equity, because the emotional attachments and connection helps the firms to connect customer with the product and to keep them coming to you.

Partnership and collaboration are equally important; doing everything for the sake of your interest can be initially tempting but taking more thinks in your hand that you can’t control or lack experience in can result in significant damage. In the current era it has become much easier to find the appropriate expertise required performing a task but it is equally important to know the right place to find it. The trick to sustainability is to know what you exactly need and incorporating resources in the direction of your goals.

Furthermore customer retention also help in sustaining the high growth rate as an increase in the customer retention by 2% will have  similar effect as reducing the cost of the company by 10%. Acquiring new customer can cost the firms around five times more than retaining their old customer. On an average most of the companies in US lost up to 50 percent of their customer in every five year. Successful customer retention took place the moment when the company first time interacts with a customer which proceeds throughout the life. For certain sector and industries a slight decrease in the retention of customer result in a significant increase in the overall value of the firm. (Llopis, 2015)

High growth rate require firms to share momentum with others as sustainability can never be achieved alone. It requires a team of strong individuals that are working collaboratively in their respective departments and together come up with a strong eco system align with appropriate intellectual capital.

In order to make sustainability a part of your business firms must explore new ventures after evaluating and comparing the benefits with the cost as this will help the firms in fueling new opportunities that were previously missed out  and will help in further sustaining the growth of the business.


Over the years, a significant portion of the industrial sector has become concentrated to a limited number of large firms that have captured a large portion of the total revenue. It seems that the increase concentration have enhanced the capabilities of the superstar firms to attain high profit margins and to generate significant return on the equities but on the other hand the are deemed to be responsible for the low market share of labors as most of the superstar firms are investing in intangible capital to sustain their position in the market and to further grow itself. Superstar firms due to its size have shifted the barging power from consumers and are empowered to charge higher prices and tends to enjoy large market share  globally and continuous growth over a long period. However superstar firms in order to sustain their growth rate requires also require to adopt certain strategies that could help these firms in maintain their position and to further grow itself globally............


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