The Business Environment of China: Challenges of an Emerging Economic Superpower Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Main Issues in the Case

The case attempts to deliver concrete knowledge and support to the Chinese history and describes the major challenges that the country has witnessed during its road to development. The case illustrates the history of China and the role that the country is playing in the global business environment.

The case explores the development of China, which was quite impressive and also describes the reforms that were made to develop the political structure in the country and also to develop the economic system. However, there were challenges that became apparent due to these reforms and hindered the continuous development of the country. Therefore, the case discusses the different challenges and issues faced by the country on its road to development in different aspects.

The history of China is very long and the past has been very dynamic and complex at the same end however, the country welcomed change in the past 25 years and the scope and the pace of the change was extraordinary.

The country witnessed unprecedented changes in the last 25 years that put the country on a different route and has created new opportunities of growth and development. The key challenges that the country is surrounded are in different grounds as the first challenge talks about the society and the culture. The new reforms and the era of development faced significant hindrance due to the large population of the country and ageing is one of the key issues.

Issues in health care and retirement are the most prominent while poverty is another major challenge that the country has to encounter. Distribution of income is also a challenge as it is not promoting equality while corruption and discrimination are also the key challenges.

China is also not promoting local service providers and manufacturers to develop high quality products in order to compete in the global arena. The local companies are not encouraged and the local players are unable to compete with the global giants. Secondly, the availability of cheap labor that is present in abundance has shifted the focus towards production.......................

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