Governing Information Technology Risk Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Regulatory changes have influenced the composition, function, and duties of the Boards of Directors worldwide. While stronger frameworks for director fiduciary responsibilities have resulted, significantly less concentration has been dedicated to understanding the nature of, and concomitant duty of care towards, the information systems and technology assets in the organization, or IT Governance. As a result, Boards have not exhibited attention or the competence that good IT governance demands.

IT Administration takes two kinds: a defensive type, IT Risk Governance, that seeks to safeguard the organization from the consequences of IT-related disasters; IT Value Administration, and a strategic form, which creates long-term shareholder value. This post focus on IT Risk Governance. Based on an academic and trade literature review, and interviews with Board members from six worldwide firms, it presents a model, the IT Risk Governance Chain, and a dashboard that outlines the crucial regions of IT threat and the vital questions directors should ask to properly safeguard the information and technology assets of their businesses.


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