Should the General Manager Be Fired? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In Beijing, China, the CEO of Rainbow Group, a Chinese group of firms specializing in environmental protection services, in September 2008, was thinking about his experience. A few hours past, eight senior executives from the subsidiary in Hangzhou of Rainbow Group had come to Beijing requesting the CEO fire their general manager, who the CEO had hired only six months ago.

This supervisor had taken control of the Hangzhou subsidiary with ambitious attempts to implement better cost control and lean management, but had met resistance from the other supervisors. The CEO was reviewing this appointment and thinking difficult. What was the problem? What should he do? Fengli Mu is affiliated with China University of Political Science and Law. Tieying Huang is linked with Peking University.

Should the General Manager Be Fired case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Should the General Manager Be Fired?

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