Kimura K.K.: Can This Customer Be Saved Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Pramtex, an Australian company, founded in 1985, was one of the star players in the new optical disk hardware. Known for its high quality products, the company had a strong position in all key markets in Asia. So far Pramtex stayed ahead of the competition by focusing on the production of the production line for the new disc format. However, the company has become increasingly vulnerable to competition as the industry matured. John Reef, Product Manager Pramtex, had reason to be concerned when he learned that one of their major Japanese customers, Kimura KK, decided to purchase three machines Pramtex for a new plant in Taiwan. It was the second Japanese customers Pramtex lost in the same week.

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by Dominique Turpin Source: IMD 14 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2001. Prod. #: IMD155-PDF-ENG

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Kimura K.K.: Can This Customer Be Saved

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