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In the early 1980s, the director of the Missouri early childhood education beginning of the novel parent education pilot project aimed at improving the availability kindergartens and welfare of family support by sending a specially-trained teachers for monthly home visits to help parents promote early development of their children. By 1985, when the assessment is touted strong results for the pilot, the Missouri legislature has made a program called Parents as Teachers-binding offer of school districts in the state. Soon after, St. Louis Parents as Teachers National Center, established to oversee the state program and respond to requests from the outside, became an independent nonprofit organization. From the beginning, the National Center for Quality Control built in program development and training for parents teachers encompass both rapid growth, by 1999, Parents as Teachers program served more than 500,000 children in the United States and six foreign countries. But, despite such efforts, quality, flexibility and adaptability that helped fast replication left the National Center is not an effective way to control or monitor the more than 2,000 sites worldwide. As a result, according to the National Center was forced to pay close attention to its replication model, its monitoring functions, as well as how the center could better monitor and improve the quality of programs. HKS Case Number 1850.0 "Hide
by Susan Rosengrant, Christine W. Letts 15 pages. Publication Date: 06 Oct 2006. Prod. #: HKS206-PDF-ENG

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Starting Small Reaching High (B)

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