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Morocco is officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco. The country is in the Maghreb region of the North Africa. Morocco is also characterized by the rugged mountains and the major portion of the country is desert. The country is one of the three countries along with Spain and France to have both Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines.

The Arabic name for al-Mamlakah which means “The Western Kingdom” and they are also commonly used as the alternative names. The population of Morocco is more than 33.8 million and the total area of the country of 446, 550 kilometers. The capital of the country is Rabat, whereas the largest city of the country is Casablanca.

Some of the other major cities of the country include the Tangier, Marrakesh, Agadir, Oujda, Kenitra, Tetouan and Nador. The culture of the country is a blend of Arab, Sub Saharan African and the European influences. Morocco claims to have the non self governing territory of the Western Sahara as its South Provinces. The country entered the guerrilla war in 1975 until the cease fire in 1991.

Major industries in Morocco

The major industries in Morocco have been the phosphate rock mining and processing, leather goods, food processing, textile and arts and craft industry. Moreover, agriculture has also been a major industry in Morocco. Along with this, the tourism and the construction industries have also been major growing industries in the country.

The major trade for the country has been the import and export. The major products that are being exported by Morocco are art and craft which is found on every corner of the country that is produced locally and it is being exported to the neighboring countries. The overall quality that is delivered to the customers across the different parts of the world has been quite top notch and premium. There have been issues where the quality has been of the highest quality, but overall the services are quite high quality.

The above discussed have been the major countries in Morocco who have been able to compete in the market because of the fact that they have been able to successfully integrate and align themselves with the aspect of being market competitive. Since most of the players have been unable to increase their revenues and profits therefore the most feasible industry has to be the agricultural market.

The government however has been trying to increase the scope of potential industries that can be aligned with the social, political and economical scope of the country. However, at the moment, the above discussed industries have been the most revenue generating industries in the market.

Economy of Morrocco

The economy of Morocco is considered as a relatively liberal economy that is governed by the law of demand and supply. Since the year 1993, the country has followed the policy of privatization of the certain economic sectors which have been used in the hands of the government.

Morocco has also become one of the major players in the African economic affairs and it is the fifth largest economy in Africa in terms of GDP. The world economic forum has placed Morocco as the first most competitive economy in the North African region. The service sector of the country accounts for more than half of the GDP.

The major revenues and funds for the country are generated through mining, construction and manufacturing sectors. The sectors that have accumulated the highest growth rate have been the textile, telecom and the tourism sectors. Along with this, Morocco even depends on the agricultural sector. This sector accounts for a total of 14% GDP of the country where it employs more than 40% population.Morocco Case Solution

The climate of the country is semi-arid and it is rather difficult to assure good rainfalls which have restricted the GDP of Morocco. The fiscal prudence has also allowed for the consolidation with the budget deficit falling as a part of the GDP percentage.

The economic sector or the economic system of Morocco presents quite a few facets. It is even characterized by a large opening that is specifically for the outside world. France has been the primary trade partner for the country and it has been the major supplier and the customer for the country. France also is the primary creditor and the major foreign investor for the country. Morocco even has the second largest non oil GDP behind Egypt......................

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