Prestige Shuttle and Event Transportation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Prestige Shuttle and Event Transportation Case Study Solution


Documentation is primarily on the basis of the requirements of the software system with respect to their required features i.e.

  • High Quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy-to-use,
  • Operationally efficient

Therefore, the documentation on the role of IT staff technicians in regard to installation and management of the system are known to perform routine software and system audits, perform backups, application of configuration changes, patches and updates of the operating system. Similarly, installation and configuration of new software and hardware in order to update, remove or add information of the user account as well as password, performance of security functions which includes response to service outages, troubleshooting reported problems etc.In addition, the IT staff needs to operate the current and new system in parallel pattern to evaluate things before implementing the new software permanently to monitor the changes required.

On the other hand, due to the development of new software and its implementation, it is considered important to aware the employees regarding its functions and operations through learning sessions by the software developer in an easy way as it is to make things easier for both the employees and the satisfaction of consumers. As lack of knowledge about the changes in the system with respect to functions and its features might pose a threat to the organization in terms of reservation failure, issues in data management and retrieval specifically about the drivers’ data and the ratings of costumers on the basis of their satisfaction level. Thus, the documentation of employees in context to their interaction with the system and its understanding needs to be focused.

Additionally, the responsibilities and practices of the managers and executives are mainly associated with control, monitoring and data configuration which results in support of the process of senior decision-making regarding any particular issue. Therefore, the management of employees with effective monitoring and evaluation of the activities performed and the difficulties faced by them in performing their services lead the managers and executives with answer of their queries in order to produce report of the project.

Risks and Contingencies:

Risk No. Risk Description Risk Priority Risk Mitigation Strategy
1 Legal Status of the Software Seller High Investigation of the seller before the final purchase
2 Quality of the Software System Critical Market Research about the various software system providers before the implementation.
3 Employee Resistance Low Employee training sessions as it is developed to make things less complicated.
4 Failure to implement Purchased software/ created software Low/Critical Sellers will install the software and provide guidelines as per need/untested software.

 Implementation Verification and Validation

The verification and validation of the implementation of the software system is through the expected outcomes which are considered to be well-developed and well-defined structures of the software development indicating the achievement of maximum benefit. As the testing of validation involves program testing which is for the software in order to meet its requirements. Therefore, the verification of system and its validation confirming the required specifications, and if it is according to the criteria meeting the standard which is needed to meet the standards to satisfy the customers.

Acceptance Criteria

Considering the factors of both created and purchased software, the acceptance criteria is based on the features evaluation due to which new software implementation is concerned. Less consumption of time, sorted data of each customer and availability of driver, cost-effective process, data security, non-collapsing management of data as well as secured data backup in terms of other issues such as system errors. As per assumption, it is considered that purchase of system software needs to be focused due to the reason that the purchased software will be tested by the professional and the cost will be minimal in comparison to the in-house creation of software system............


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