TSL Jewelry: An Innovator across Generations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

TSL Jewelry: An Innovator across Generations Case Solution

Part 1:

TSL Jewelry’s resources and capabilities

It has been identified that the major resource of TSL is the human resource that has contributed strongly towards gaining the competitive advantage in the overall global industry. It can be seen that the CEO of the company is highly employee centered and is more concerned regarding the timely delivery of their remuneration irrespective of the fact that the company might be in financial trouble. During the period of leadership crisis when the two senior personnel were imprisoned, the company was led by Annie Yau, and the market efforts were provided by Lambert Chan. It was their efforts which strongly contributed in regaining the profitability position from the worst conditions. The availability of the highly skilled labor is the major strength of the company in the most reasonable cost.

The other major capabilities of the company are related to its senior’s ability to constantly focus on the innovations with which larger more customers can be attracted from all over the world more than its competitors. The team implemented several innovative strategies and targeted mostly the young customers by providing them with the trendy products according to their needs. Moreover, by implementing SAP in their business, the company initiated the program of extension in the brand by focusing more on non-conventional offerings as well with the help of acquisition of CORE JEWELS. The team launched diamond micro-sculpture which gained strong customer attention and yielded positive results. Moreover, by focusing more on the advertising as well as marketing aspects, the team launched Vivienne Tam,which also resulted in morecustomer loyalty. Lastly, the company launched its mini-film, which was based on the love of Tse Jr. and Annie Yau, after which it gained the new slogan of “Persistence of Love”.

Thus, it can be concluded that the major resources of the company are related to the high-skilled human resources which is strongly motivated towards the growth of the company irrespective of the different crisis being faced by the company. Moreover, this resource is easily available in the market in low cost. The significant names of human resource in the overall history of the company are Annie Yau, Lambert Chan, Erwin Huang, and Willard Wigan after the Tse and Tse Jr. On the other hand, as far as the capabilities are concerned, the strong focus on the innovational factors is the key factor, which resulted in strong growth of the company.

Competitive Advantages

The key competitive advantage which the company gained after the leadership crisis is gaining strong brand awareness from the customers with the help of the innovative strategies applied by the company. The other major advantage is the adoption of SAP in its operations which was gifted by Annie Yau, with which company can better manage its products as compared with its competitors. The last advantage is related to the diversified offerings which the company has made against the competitor’s conventional offerings of necklace and bracelets.

Competitive Disadvantages

The major disadvantage that the company is facing in order to remain competitive in the industry is related to the incurring of additional cost with relates to the marketing efforts. Due to this issue, the company is less burdened by its shareholders to increase its profit by reducing cost. It can be seen that significant marketing efforts are increasing the revenues from the customers,however profitability is declining which is creating problems for the future. The other issues are regarding the barriers to entry and exit in the market. Lastly, the company is facing issues in meeting the increasing demands of the customers with the help of the given number of labors, which is also increasing the cost...................

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