OPET: Precision Marketing in Uncertain Times Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

OPET: Precision Marketing in Uncertain Times Case Solution

This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING


Throughout Timucin Guler's years at OPET, a popular fuel supplier in Turkey, he changed the meaning of marketing in the business. Under Guler's lead, OPET, when a regional gamer in the downstream circulation market, ended up being the 2nd biggest fuel supplier in Turkey. As assistant basic supervisor, Guler had actually led the way for customer-oriented marketing, which assisted OPET separate itself in the market and end up being increasingly affordable. Beginning from 2009, altering policies in Turkey's extremely controlled oil and gas market restricted OPET's marketing tools, requiring Guler to review his marketing method. He was worried that more limitations were on the method which these might perhaps impact OPET's commitment program, where the business had actually committed greatly. How should Guler set about modifying OPET's marketing method so regarding stay up to date with and perhaps predict additional regulative modifications, while attempting to remain ahead of the competitors? Exactly what would be the very best method for Guler to enhance the business's financial investment in its consumer commitment program?

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OPET: Precision Marketing in Uncertain Times

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