Compaq Computer Corp.: The Dell Challenge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The new CEO of Compaq Computer, the second largest computer company in the world, faces a number of difficult decisions about how to deal with increasing threats from Dell Computer Corporation This case describes the strategic moves made by Compaq in the late 1990s under the leadership of the previous General director, who was fired by the Board of Directors of Compaq, earlier this year. Also describes the history and evolution of Dell Computer Dell Direct model. Compaq new CEO faces a number of important issues, one of which is resolution channel issues, especially in the commercial segment of personal computing. Obviously, he is facing a very tough strategic and marketing decisions. Power of information technology and standards to enable Dell to create a powerful ecosystem with its customers, suppliers and complementers illustrated. With the support of the other players, Dell managed to overthrow one of the great companies late 20th century of leading positions. It also shows how hard it is for the market leader to respond effectively to the challenge. "Hide
by Adrian B. Ryans, All Vandenbosch Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 25 pages. Publication Date: July 12, 2000. Prod. # 900A09-PDF-ENG

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Compaq Computer Corp.: The Dell Challenge

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