Olivia Lum: Wanting to Save the World Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Olivia Lum: Wanting to Save the World Case Solution

This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE


This case thinks about the entrepreneurial profession of Olivia Lum, who established the Singaporean public utility Hyflux in 1989. An orphan born in Malaysia, Lum offers an uncommon case of an entrepreneurial growth in a nation whose financial success has actually mainly rested on foreign and state-owned companies. The case explains the powerful obstacles she at first dealt with, her future advancement in China, and the subsequent development as a worldwide water treatment business utilizing membrane innovation. In 2004 the business got in the big Middle Eastern market for water treatment however quickly experienced issues, consisting of political turbulence. The case ends with presentations and an emanant problems in Libya in 2011, a nation where Hyflux had actually just recently invested. The case provides chances to check out the nature of entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia, business significance of relationships in between abroad Chinese and mainland China, and the difficulties dealt with by female business owners. More broadly, it works as car for mentor trainees regarding the worldwide water crisis and the function of company in assisting to solve it.

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Olivia Lum: Wanting to Save the World

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