Ocean Park Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ocean Park Case Solution

The reason behind the re-engineering of Ocean Park is the declining sales due to the entrance of Disney in Hong Kong. Therefore, Ocean Park began to re-design its structure and policies to face the upcoming challenges and threats as well as to utilize the opportunity from the market entrance of Disney.

Disney has a strong market presence as well as strong financial position, thus in order to retain the position in the market, the management of Ocean Park realized to have certain changes in the park to address the increasingly competitive and global tourism market.

Q 2) What were the goals of the re-engineering?

The management of Ocean Park decided to re-engineer the Park to sustain its position in the market. The goal of the re-engineering plan of Ocean Park was to renovate the Park’s brand image, HRM and operation. The brand image of Ocean Park was affected by its small seahorse logo as it was not associated with the park. Furthermore, the Ocean Park’s logo was not up to the level of Disney’s logo as Disney’s logo was far warm and cuddly that attracts both children’s and adults. On the other hand, Ocean Park’s logo was not attractive for the families and children which contributed to the poor brand image of Ocean Park. Therefore, the re-engineering process was developed with the aim to enhance the brand image of Ocean Park.

In addition to brand repositioning, the re-engineering process was also aimed to refurbish Ocean Park’s product line which could provide strong support to its enhanced brand image. It was expected that by continuously providing new features and innovations would enable Ocean Park to attract customers more effectively and to compete with Disney up to its level. Re-engineering also includes installing new rides and swings for both children and adults.

Finally, the most important goal of re-engineering was to update its Human Resource as most of its workers were unskilled and in addition to this, turnover was also high. The implementation of the re-engineering plan required to make a certain change in the compensation system and other HRM policies.

Q 3) What were some of the difficulties implementing the reengineering process?

The main problem in implementing re-engineering program was related to Human Resource Management. As the Ocean Park lack skilled and competent workers, the new plan required to hire educated and skilled staff.  The gap in opportunities and compensation between the tourism industry and banking industry has created a challenging situation for Ocean Park to attract young talent, as many educated employees wanted to work in banking and finance sector. Therefore, it was difficult to attract and recruit skilled worker for the Hotel and Park as the re-engineering plan required to hire educated employees that could attract the customer. Moreover, it was expected that prospective employees would likely join Disney due to its multinational corporate standard and better career opportunities. Therefore, it became difficult for Ocean Park to attract and select educated employees.

Although the proposed plan would require enormous investment to be implemented,the management, therefore, expects to maintain its pricing strategy. The management of Ocean Park also had to maintain such pricing strategy that could compete with the Disney’s prices. Thus, despite huge investment in the park, the management had to keep its prices lower than Disney’s prices. On the otherhand, it became difficult for the management to avail the loans from banks and other financial institution due to the low ticket prices.

Finally, it was also difficult for the management of Ocean Park to import different animals such as polar bears, penguins, and whales due to the tropical climate of Hong Kong. Thus, the care of these animals was also difficult to manage....................

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