Nokia India: Battery Recall Logistics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case provides an opportunity for students to acquire practical knowledge of the role of operations management in an promising market circumstance, particularly in a product recall scenario. Product recalls are an important part of supply chain management (SCM). Businesses necessarily face a question of when, not if, a recall will likely be required. These scenarios join the complexity of businesses with the time-urgency of a mission-essential task.

Nokia India Battery Recall Logistics Case Study Solution

Nokia had developed a strong brand standing more than a ten-year interval and was a market leader in the Indian cellular apparatus. India, by the way, was also the second biggest market, next only to Nokia of China. Unpredictably, what corporate headquarters considered a routine product advisory for a faulty battery, resulted in panic after the Indian media widely publicized in customers the prospective hazards that faulty batteries could present.


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Nokia India: Battery Recall Logistics

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