Trilogy Health Services, LLC: Building a Great Service Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What is Trilogy’s differentiating customer value proposition?

Trilogy health services, LLC is a company or a service oriented company that is operating or serving the needs of the senior citizens and is operating as a privately held company that is providing living services to the senior citizens. Since 1997, the company is operating in this field and is serving their customers quite efficiently, which has been the key to operate the company has decided to leverage since its inception.

However, the company has been exceptional in providing service quality which has been very effective and by and large the best practice that the company has been providing. This aspect of providing quality service continuously and consistently in every facility has been the main value proposition of the company and has been an essential factor to differentiate the company from its peers.

It has been the service quality that has differentiated the company from others and has made the customers happy and led to customer satisfaction. The reason why the company is focused on providing impressive quality in service runs in the philosophy of the company, which focus on achieving customer satisfaction.

The leadership emphasized on customer service quality because this leads to profitability and high revenues. Service quality is an essential factor to succeed in any business as it leads to customer satisfaction and a satisfied customer is always essential and important for a business. This is the reason why Trilogy has been excessively focusing on differentiating itself from competitors by exceeding in providing quality of high standards in service.

High quality has been the key factor of the value proposition of the company. The company has been immensely focused on marinating high standards in this regard and to sustain this factor as the point of difference for the company.

On the other hand, it has been quite implicit to view that the leadership of the company is also committed on delivering and providing in high quality in service, which has been the core to create service quality as the differentiating customer value proposition for the company.

What is necessary in order for Trilogy to execute and defend this customer value proposition?

The company is headquartered in Kentucky and has 17 other facilities as well, which is why the company has a challenge in order to maintain customer quality service in every facility as each facility is working and operating under the same name and not as subsidiaries. The differentiating value proposition promises to maintain and deliver high standards of service quality consistently and in every facility.

With a large number of facilities operating country-wide, the company may face challenge in executing and defending this customer value proposition. Therefore, all these challenges are important to cater in order to execute this customer value proposition effectively and efficiently. The first and the most important thing that the company will have to cater and address in order to execute and defend this value proposition is the availability of the funds (Parasuraman, 1991).

The financial strength is very important and holds an essential place in the execution of this value proposition. The company has to deliver consistent quality in service in every facility for which high investment is required in order to maintain the materials and all the other materialistic equipment that hold essential part in delivering quality service.

This is the reason why the maintenance and availability of funds is essential and the accessibility to the financial assets and funds is very important. However, the service quality will result in increasing revenues, which is why the relation is directly proportional that can be easily defended and supported. Thus, the investors and the financial strength of the company are important and the company will have to deliver high service also to maintain the financial stability of the company as well.

Trilogy Health Services, LLC Building a Great Service Company Case Solution

On the other hand, another major challenge or the factor that is essential to cater by the company is the employee satisfaction and engagement. Although the company has high level of employee engagement and is regarded as one of the finest place to work however, this factor is very important to maintain. As customers deal with employees and it is the responsibility of the employees to deliver high quality service (Gutek, 1995).....................

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