Ultrasound Machines, India, China, and a Skewed Sex Ratio Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Economic Factors

The country is struggling towards success, but still their economy is so stable in financial terms. The economy remains packed since 40 years and when their domestic firms got matured and able to compete with international brands, India emerged as a liberalized economy.

Despite having such strong and stable economic condition, Indian government has not placed living facility procurement policies in all over the country. If some local NGOs are working to eliminate gender biases from the society, all their efforts go in vain in discontinuing the dilemma of female feticide in India. The majority of the parents are unwilling to have a female child and even they invest less on the development of their daughters so that the money could save for their dowries.

Social Factors

Social factors include various kinds of demographic information as well as living standards and employment trends. Public attitudes and behaviors regarding cultural and social norms and ethical behaviors are also related to their society.

Increasing female feticide ratio has drastically hurt the population balance in the country. This results in female to male infancy ratio of 0 to 6 children per year. Parents are of their opinion that it cost us less to spend on abortion as compared to the overall cost of daughter’s nourishment.

Technological Factors

From the perspective of technological advances, India has built greater intellectual minds more then any of the world’s growing economy. However, a drawback exists in their own mind's perception regarding gender discrimination to the extend where they force to eradicate female child from their lives.

In this case GE has supplied an ultrasound, therapeutic equipment in Indian medicine market. However, there were some unregistered clinics that were providing assistance to parents who wants to get rid of their unborn female fetus. Although the Indian government has imposed serious penalties on the unnatural abortions against the female child due to their low financial stability.

Legal and Environmental Factors

Traditionally, dowry system exists in India, which is that the bride’s parents would provide expensive and lavish gifts for the groom’s family and the groom as well. This is an irresistible social problem that has led India towards an intense gender discriminatory environment.

India has struggled a long way to eliminate the social issue by forbidding the trade of all equipment that contribute to this problem. The government has passed this law that all the registered or unregistered clinics that are involved in these activities will have to pay worse penalties. The guilty doctors will be penalized to pay financial penalties as well as their medical degree will be cancelled.

Porter Analysis

Threat of new entrants (high)

The Indian ultrasound machine is neither on infancy nor has it reached its maturity.However, due to the government regulations and strict policies it is not an easy task to manufacture a product in a society to use it for the negative purpose as compared to using it for the welfare of mankind. As far as GE is concerned, it is a corporation that is supplying ultrasound machine in co partnership with Wipro. Now Siemens has also entered the Indian market by introducing a handheld ultrasound machine for just $10,000.

Bargaining power of suppliers (medium)

In India, ultrasound market bargaining power of a supplier is medium. The manufacturer has the choice to purchase the same equipment from different suppliers, hence, the price ranges are not volatile.

Bargaining power of customers (High)

The buyers are doctors and patients, so the demand for ultrasound machinery is high. The buyer can purchase it at any cost because of the quality of material and its brand name.

Threat of substitute products (Low)

Ultrasound machine is used for so many purposes, and no other device can produce such diverse results in medicine. CitiScan benefits are limited to the service it provides for skull San.

Degree of competitive rivalry (medium)

The degree to which ultrasound manufacturer would be affected from competitors is medium. However, it is expected to be high because the medical equipment market is growing.

GE In India and Alternatives

General electric supplies ultrasound medical equipment in Indian locality with the purpose of providing advanced health care machinery that must be used for the benefit of the population. However, eventually the device is being used in the illegal activities that have grossly decreased gender ratio. Currently, GE is working with Wipro and Orbis Engineering Co. These are the medical equipment suppliers of Toshiba in India. The Indian analyst has spoken in his interview that scan equipment possesses so much importance in the medicinal field as well as it benefits the mother and the child. GE plans to present their electronic items into Indian economy because it is in a great need of automotive equipment and technical staff............................

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