Madison Avenue: Digital Media Services (C) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

By July 2000, Madison Avenue has experienced extraordinary growth in sales, employees, customers, and services offered. Since the end of 1999 to July of 2000, the company has taken a number of initiatives to restructure its internal processes so that the company can continue to grow, while maintaining the quality of the services offered and improve enough to show profitability. Matt Garvin, chief strategy officer of the company, is considering a range of new services in addition to its core services - active management of online advertising. Garvin was two-fold question: What features have made a strategic sense for the company? What strategic opportunities is also consistent with the operational capabilities of the company? As a reliable, durable, responsive are they? Can they cope with the growth, the scale and scope that Garvin is considering. Can be taught only as a business strategy or in combination with (B) the occasion to highlight product of the relevant issues. If you study together, in one case may be assigned to half of the students, and another thing in the other half to simulate a complete organizational communication problems between the functional disciplines - for example, a service equivalent to product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. "Hide
by Steven J. Spear, Anne D. Karshis Source: Harvard Business School 13 pages. Publication Date: June 22, 2001. Prod. #: +601077- PDF-ENG

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Madison Avenue: Digital Media Services (C)

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