How Will You Measure Your Life? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

How Will You Measure Your Life? Case Solution 


 How can you be sure that you will be happy in your career? (5)


The most important thing that we need in our lives is to be happy in healthy boundaries. It can only be possible if we set goals and boundaries for our lives or works. According to the Frederic Herzberg, Opportunity is the powerful motivator for the people through that they would get maximum benefits that teach them about grow of responsibilities, recognized new achievement, and help in contributing with others. Moreover, if the student wants to build a healthy career in his/her life, then it is necessary for him/her first to create a strategy for its life through that they better understand the need for initiatives that they need in their lives for making a change in its career. On the other hand, time, energy and talent shape one’s life strategy and make one successful in their career. However, allocation of resources is imperative for everyone through that they would quickly make a decision of their lives as well as it opens new doors of opportunities for everyone.

If the student wants to be successful in his/her life or at work, then they need to consider the eight most element which includes: passion, hard work, focus, push, ideas, improves, serve, and persist. These are the factors that help them in achieving their objective and goals. These factors help everyone in recognizing their day to day activities and resource, which they performed in order to achieve a successful, happy careers.


Culture plays a significant role in ensuring happiness in one’s life. Most of the researchers observed that the major tools are the simplest tool and through that the parents elicit corporation with their children. However, nowadays such tools do not work on children. It is also expected that parents build cultural activities at home through that they teach their children's about how to behave respectfully, obey parents as well as choosing the right thing to do. Moreover, if the parents want to see confidence and self-esteem in its child's or want to prepare their children for problem-solving, then it is necessary for them to build efficient home culture which helps them in motivating their child about the realities of the lives as well as drives them about how to handle hard issues and conflicts....................

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