Malkinson Printing Company: The Evolution of a Family Business Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The way out from Malkinson Printing of Matt came during a time when the business had begun to struggle for the first time in its history.

The company had consistently been growing with each of its preceding generations of possession, a successful one, but the print business had changed radically by the start of the twenty-first century. Companies were put by the development of desktop illustration and computer graphics at a competitive disadvantage like Malkinson and its particular owners faced the challenge of sustaining its market. The dynamics of the technological changes which were taking place dovetailed with a fracturing of the family dynamics at Malkinson Printing.

The three members of the fourth generation of possession that is Malkinson did not get along whereas their predecessors had generally agreed on company strategy. Matt had walked out when Brad covertly sold his position in the company, which left a 75 percent share of the possession to Ron. Matt was working as a salesman for another printing business in October 2003 when Ron asked if he would come back. Matt had been essential to the success of Malkinson Printing Company, and Ron said he desired him to help save the business. This case is suitable for classes in small business management or for courses in family business management where family business problems are addressed. It may be particularly useful as an opening case or a case that is second on family business.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT



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