Google Inc.: Figuring Out How to Deal with China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Would it be possible for Google to enter China without violating its informal corporate motto: "Do not be evil?" In 2005, Google, Inc 'S top management team and board of directors were trying to decide if the company should enter China - and, if so so, how. Since 2000 the company has offered the Chinese language version of its popular search engine hosted on servers outside of China. Nevertheless, the Chinese people have found the service slow and unreliable, and Google is rapidly losing market share, especially with the Chinese company Baidu. At However, the number of Internet users in China - and with them the potential for online advertising revenue - grew almost exponentially. Nevertheless, serious ethical issues remained unresolved. China some of the most far-reaching and complex system of Internet censorship in the world. Any Internet firms doing business would have to filter content that the communist regime is considered offensive. addition, the Chinese government demanded that other online U.S. firms identify individuals who used their e-mail or blogs to criticize the government, and at least one dissident was imprisoned as a result. been doing business in China are compatible with the mission of Google, to make the world's information "universally accessible and useful"? "Hide
by Anne T. Lawrence Source: Babson College 21 pages. Publication Date: August 1, 2007. Prod. #: BAB131-PDF-ENG

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Google Inc.: Figuring Out How to Deal with China

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