Dovercourt Recreation Centre – Healing a Rift Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the month July 2001, the freshly designated president of the board of directors at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, confronts a complex and problematic situation. The facility's executive director has hinted that in light of a substandard performance review, his only option might be to resign.

His staff along with the community reveres him for his ardent advocacy of outreach to disadvantaged and marginalized populations and has a successful track record in providing fame to the organization’s systems throughout the city. Yet, he is under great anxiety because his everyday management style does not fit well together with the requirement for particular monthly accounting of the board. The new president was recruited to enhance unproductive board meetings, but he has instantly understood the root problem is the escalating tension involving the board and also the executive director.

Confident he can utilize his consulting history to deliver a solution to the struggle that threatens to sabotage the powerful standing of the centre, he needs a strategy and must act on it decisively and promptly.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Dovercourt Recreation Centre – Healing a Rift

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