Reverse Logistics Program Design: Company Study Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Series of visits to the Fortune 500, wholesale distribution company, technology products showed a change in the terms of the construction and implementation of the reverse logistics. Five initiatives to define reverse logistics program design in this company: (1) Gain support from senior management and reverse logistics to turn into a company-wide initiative, (2) to involve your customers in the reverse logistics process design, (3) Give the various employee recognition involved in processing returns to the firm, and (4) implementation of a carefully written policies and procedures that reflect both internal and external challenges, and (5) To appoint a strict liability for the program reverse logistics. The study consists of five main considerations in more detail. Interviews and observations in this particular firm to develop guidelines for decision-making related to reverse logistics. "Hide
by Stephen E. Genchev Source: Business Horizons 10 pages. Publication Date: March 15, 2009. Prod. #: BH317-PDF-ENG

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Reverse Logistics Program Design: Company Study

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