Managing the Multiple Identities of the Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

On the wave of corporate acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs, much attention was devoted to the senior management of corporate identity and its relationship with key stakeholders. This article presents a framework to help management to achieve a clear understanding and better management of their corporate identity. Many companies are working with the belief in a single monolithic corporate identity. Our investigations lead to a different view: Organizations have multiple identities. We outline five types of identity in the name AC2ID TestTM (ACCID), that is, in fact, communicated, conceived, ideal and desired identity. They represent, respectively, the current and various attributes of the organization that the organization identifies itself, the perception of corporate stakeholders, the optimal position for the organization and the corporate vision in terms of the CEO or the board. Management must not only understand its multiple identities, it must also be prepared to critical distortions among them, as this could seriously weaken the company. "Hide
by John Balmer metric tons Source: California Management Review 16 pages. Publication Date: April 1, 2002. Prod. #: CMR228-PDF-ENG

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Managing the Multiple Identities of the Corporation

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