Brand Israel: Marketing in Crisis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Israel has been greatly transformed since its foundation in 1948 to become the most prosperous country in the Middle East. With the exclusion of the United States and recently China, Israel had more firms listed on the NASDAQ than any other.

It spent a larger portion of its funding on research and development than any other country on earth. Multinational companies like Deutsche Telekom, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Motorola, Mitsubishi, Hewlett Packard and eBay had set up substantial operations there. But despite its many successes, the country stayed in a constant state of disagreement.

The Arab-Israeli conflict stayed, and its geographic neighbors and Israel had extended relationships. Could Israel advertise itself despite its continuous state of conflict to businesses and tourists? How should it do? Was it better pursue industry or city or to focus on a national story promotion and branding? Meredith Lohwasser, authors IlanAlon, and Jennifer Dugosh are affiliated with Rollins College.


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Brand Israel: Marketing in Crisis

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