Aztek Chocolate Studio: Accounting System Software Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In late 2013, the creator of Aztek Chocolate, a candy maker, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is faced with making an accounting system selection decision.

He has two basic options - outsourcing to an accounting or bookkeeping company versus using an internally developed spreadsheet or commercial software program - in addition to a third "hybrid" alternative - using an accounting cloud, or Software as a Service, service provider. Revenues have begun to stream in, and chocolates are shipping out, but he recognizes he must currently attend to setting up financial control and reporting systems before he loses control of the financial performance of the brand new company.

Should he handle the finances himself with a commercial accounting software package hire an accountant or utilize a bookkeeping cloud supplier?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about  INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Aztek Chocolate Studio: Accounting System Software

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