DoubleClick Inc.: Gathering Customer Intelligence Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

DoubleClick, Inc, with headquarters in New York, and more than 30 offices around the world, has been a leading provider of comprehensive online advertising solutions for marketers and publishers. He combined the technology, media, and the evaluation data to centralize the planning, execution, monitoring, tracking and reporting for online media companies. DoubleClick was able to track Internet users surfing habits (but not the identity of surfers), which allows you to personalize ads for certain groups market. When DoubleClick announced a merger with Abacus Direct, a direct marketing company with a database of consumer names, addresses, and retail shopping habits of 90% of American households, it has raised many privacy-related issues and problems. Several activists Internet browsing filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission after the media reported that DoubleClick had an opportunity to disclose the identity of the person through the merger of the two companies database and mapping information in "cookies" with a profile of surfer. He expressed confidence that its practices are sound, but he wondered if they would be afraid to reassure customers advertising consumer backlash, the interests of Internet users and investors. "Hide
by Ken Mark, Scott Schneberger Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 16 pages. Publication Date: February 14, 2001. Prod. #: 901E05-PDF-ENG

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DoubleClick Inc.: Gathering Customer Intelligence

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