Analysis of New Zealand Rugby Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Analysis of New Zealand Rugby  Case Solution 


The present report provides the evaluation of NZRU. It comprises of analysis of two years of the company’s financial performance and financial position. Moreover, it focuses on the company’s ratio analysis of the two years and their variances as well.


By analyzing the two years of the company, it can be seen clearly that a growing trend is there when we move from the year 2003 to 2004. The company, through applying appropriate strategies, has achieved remarkable success in each and every sector of its business. As can be seen from the below (figure 1), there was a 84% increase in the net profit is generated in the year 2004 as compared to the year 2003.It could be said that the profits are subjected to the exchange rate risk so the company should focus on effectively incorporating strategies in order to minimize such risk.


It is expected that the economic position of the country is improving gradually and it got a boost in the year 2001 which continued to increase in the year 2002 and 2003 however,due to some conflicts with Iraq in the mid 2003 the growth hampered. The situation worsened with the effect of dry weather on electricity production for the country and farm growth. However,by September it then continued to improve. By analyzing the year 2003-2004, it is revealed that the main source of income for the country is the household consumption and the profits generated from the exports. By analyzing the statistical data a significant growth can be seen in GDP from the past five years.


It is expected that there are many players in the market therefore, there is an intense competition and each player is trying to get greater number of customers, which could help them in order to increase their market share. Among all of them NZRU has maintained significant profit as compared to the past years and has undergone several projects, which they referred to as six priorities given in the annual report which is applied appropriately will generate profits in the upcoming years.

Competitors’ Review

The market is full of competitors making it very typical for the individuals to fight for their shares therefore,the NZRU by applying the appropriate strategy worked together with the Provincial Union for successfully achieving the bright vision. And for that they have outlined some strategies regarding the preparation of All Blacks for the upcoming matches in the future.

Future Perspective

With the current year’s profit, the six priorities mentioned in the annual report can be achieved with in the upcoming years easily as having the management is having the broader vision in mind. In 2004, the company invested huge funds for growth and for sure its return will be achieved in its upcoming future.


In this challenging global marketplace, there are still lots of opportunities which need to be exploited, there for by applying the appropriate strategies, the company can make its position at the top of the world rugby.......................

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