Steve Rogers Case Study Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Steve Rogers Case Study Solution


Steve Rogers is a runner but he’s too slim and skinny. To remain healthy, he wants to gain some weight but in a healthy way. He runs at moderate speed for three to four days a week. As he is not strong enough, he has never been interested in training and strengthening. As he is mature enough and has been tired of being slim and skinny. Therefore, he wants to put up some weight and muscles. Moreover, he has a time constraint of 12 weeks so that he can gain some weight before returning to his home town and look good at his friend’s wedding

BMI calculation

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a number calculated by using height and age of a person. BMI determines the level of body in a human body. It helps to understand the level of fitness of a person and the chances of disease development in a human body.

The formula to calculate BMI is (weight/height*height) *703. Applying this formula on the Steve’s information, it has been analyzed that his BMI is 24, which shows that he is underweight and some weight is needed to put instantly in order to remain healthy throughout his life.

BMR calculation has been calculated using Harris-Benedict equation. The calculation shows that Roger should intake minimum 1816.26 calories per day in order to maintain his BMI. However, as he wants to gain his weight, he should take 200-300 higher calories than his requirement.

Steve Rogers Case Study Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Target heart rate

Target heart rate is an important measure. It not only determines the heart rate but it also analyzes the cardio vascular health of a person. Cardiovascular helps to build stamina and strengthen the muscles of human body.

Heart rate is calculated by using formula which equals to ((maximum heart rate –resting heart rate) *intensity %) +resting heart rate)

By using information of Rogers, the maximum heart rate has been calculated by subtracting target heart rate from age of the person which equals to 193 pulses/min. 60% target heart rate equals to 140, whereas, 80% of target heart rate equals to 166 times per minute.

12-day fitness training plan

As Steve is an avid runner, therefore, it is assumed that he would be strong enough to do few exercises in a day. To build physique, the vital part is to lift heavy weights. However, as he is a beginner, the weights should be lifted gradually so that it gets easier for him.

In order to gain weight, few exercises would be necessary to do. Such as aerobics, cardio vascular and strengthening. Lastly, stretching is an important part of exercise as it would help him in limbering his body and circulating good amount of blood. In first few weeks, some strengthening exercises would be preferred in order to analyze his body strength as well as to make it further strong. However, it has been assumed that running had made Rogers enough strong to perform few exercises. Therefore, five days a week fitness planning has been developed. However, one day would be resting day and the other day would be light cardio with some strengthening exercise:

Week 1-3:

In this week, Steve would be developing his body mass and increase his cardiovascular and muscular strengths. Therefore, in first three weeks, he would have to do exercises as per given instructions.

The duration of whole exercise would be seven minutes. Each would be repeated for 2 times for 30 seconds with a gap of 10 second in each reps and exercise. It includes:

  1. 30- seconds pushups
  2. 30-seconds triceps dip
  3. 30-seconds pull ups
  4. 30-seconds ab circuit
  5. 30-seconds plank
  6. 30-seconds squats
  7. 30- seconds abdominal stretch..................

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