Strategic Financial Planning in Mining Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Strategic Financial Planning in Mining Industry Case Study Solution

Chapter: 1-Aims and Objective of the Dissertation

Planning is one of the key strategic role of the management in setting the organization goals and objectives to meet the market opportunities and to align the resources with the goals that are to be achieved in the long-term. It represents the critical functions and operations of the organization in setting and achieving the end goals and to make ends meet, in order to gain the market, share and to develop market feasible strategies. Also, the planning under the organizational perspective represents alignment and integration of the functions and operations of the company that enables the lean operational management and thus saves costs. Moreover, it also refers to the alignment of a different department to meet the objectives and targets without any repetition that could incur the additional cost or delay the achievement of goals and objectives.

In addition to this, the Strategic financial planning includes the feasible operational management tactics that could sustain the market position and manage the cost structure to develop and run the organization and to meet all the market demands. The strategic financial planning also entails the diligent planning about resource usage, allocation, and consumption for the continued survival in the markets since it outlines the number or volume of product and services produced in the market to meet the customer demand.

Furthermore, with the fast moving technology and improvement in the markets, many businesses have taken steps to set the strategy ahead of the competition.Doing so, the role of strategic planning and strategic financial planning has also been enlightened, since it offers the companies the comparative edge in maintaining the cost and thus gaining more profit margins, and strong position in the markets (Davis, Modern Strategic Mine Planning , 2008). Also, such organizations have the edge to initiate into the emerging markets by strategically managing the financial base to support the operation and thus opens up the gateways to initiate the blue ocean strategy in the emerging markets.

Strategic Financial Planning in Mining Industry Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Since the aim of the organization in the fast moving economy is to achieve the financial targets and manage the effectiveness of the resources, the strategic financial planning has been choosen as the tool to offer the businesses such expertise and advantage to lead the markets. And since it incorporates the significant element of the entire planning cycle, it helps in maximizing the share holder value and also the liquidity of the business in the industry (Bak, SELECTED ASPECTS OF FINANCIAL PLANNING AT MINING COMPANIES, 2012). Also, strategic financial planning allows the companies to lay out its decision-making criteria based on the financial results, instead of using the trial and error techniques that lead to the vague strategies and ineffective fulfillment of goals and attainment of the objectives.Lastly, the importance of strategic financial management is important in industries like mining, manufacturing,and production since it keeps the organization functions liquid and highly profitable as it covers and aligning the internal,external efficiencies with the core competencies of the organization and market.

Problem Statement

“To investigate the impact of strategic financial planning on theMiningindustry.”

Research questions

The research questions of the work are as follow:

  • What is the role of strategic management in developing the right strategy for the Mining business?
  • What is the role of financial assistance and financial strategy in developing an organizational strategy?
  • What is the role of strategy in developing the goals and objectives for the company?
  • How financial management helps the mining industry in achieving the cost effectiveness?
  • What is the role of strategic financial management in developing, market opportunity for the company?
  • What is the role of financial efficiency in tapping the right markets and capitalizing the opportunity in the mining industry?

Research Objectives

The Research objectives of the study area as follow:

  • To understand the relationship between financial efficiency and the rate of objectives fulfillment.
  • To gauge the impact of financial strategy on the development of lean structure in the organization to tap the market opportunity effectively.
  • To analyze the relationship between strategic financial management and its factor with organizational goal development and profitability.
  • To highlight the key factors that play a critical role in the organization under the financial aspect of the strategy and vision.
  • To highlight the importance of modern strategic financial planning into the mining industry.
  • Lastly, to enhance the importance of financial data analysis for the mining business in setting the future objectives and goals.

 Research Justification

Although there is a significant level of work done in the field of financial management and its impact on the mining industry, however, our aim is to find the factors that are crucial in making the organization functions efficient in terms of cash and value.Also, we aim to find the level of impact the strategic planning poses to the profitability of the mining industry. In addition, we also aim to find how the strategic financial management has revolutionized the mining industry in terms of operations and functional efficiency.

 Research Limitation

Following are the research limitation

  • Time is the main constraint to current study as there is predefined time period to complete the study.
  • Financial sources are another constraint to this study hence current city is focused on response collection process.
  • Human resource factor is another constraint to current study hence sample size is defined within the range that response collection becomes
  • Level of information and understanding to different statistical techniques is also limited that is also considered during the current study.....................

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