The Xbox Launch In Korea Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

Adelman and Ng are assigned with the task to decide on the launching strategy and in this regard, these managers will have to identify the key segments to target and what are the purchase drivers that encourage the gamers to make a purchase in the market. Secondly, the decision regarding the marketing strategy for the company and the message to be delivered through promotion also needs to be developed. However, catering the analysis and challenges in the previous launch and analyzing them will be helpful in presenting the product in more appropriate manner to the new market.


SWOT Analysis

This model will help the managers in assessing the internal and external analysis of the company. In the internal section, the major strengths of the company along with the core weaknesses are described that will help in identifying the areas that can be leveraged to further build on success and also the areas that requires improvement. This section will also carry the external analysis for the company as well.

Apart from that, this section will also help in identifying the major opportunities that are available for the company and leveraging its strengths the company can exploit these opportunities. Besides that, this section will guide in identifying the major threats that are present in the external environment to be considered while shaping the strategy and deciding on the long term plans of the company.


The major strengths that Xbox has include the brand name of the parent company which is very strong and has strong reputation. Apart from that, the company has strength in the form of success in the US and Japanese market which has played a vital role in placing Xbox a tough competitor in the industry posing a significant threat to PS2 of Sony. The company’s market research division is very strong in identifying most appropriate and attractive market segments to target which has been greatly utilized by the company initially.

The company has been quite influential in the PC market and has provided consumers with a new set of opportunities, which has allowed the firm to become successful globally and leverage that success into its new ventures as well. The technological strength that resides with the company has been an effective contributor in developing innovative and new ideas for the company and presenting new opportunities to exploit. Overall, the company has a strong brand name which is the major strength and the understanding of the consumer that is gained through investing in research and development and marketing research.

The company has been providing more interesting and attractive features in Xbox that has outplayed Sony in the markets like US and Japan. Also the company has been quite relevant in segmenting the market and have utilized effective segmentation to cater each identified segment which is a major strength. Localization is another strength that has contributed immensely in the overall success of the product globally as the company has been focusing on making the product relevant to each market.


Although the company has been very successful with its marketing research techniques however, the major weakness is the limited market research conducted initially for the Korean market with respect to Xbox. This has created flaws in the first research and make it inappropriate in the market. The limited scope of the research did not allowed to cater the best segment in Korean market and leverage on the success Xbox attained globally.

This limited approach also restricted the company from expanding its hold in the Asian market, which presents the company behind Sony in the Asian market. Furthermore, Xbox is not offering a wide variety of games which is why attracting consumers in this stringent market becomes further difficult.

On the other hand, the company has initially delayed the entry in Korea and selected Japan as the only market to target in Asia. This is the major weakness of the company as Asian markets are quite attractive for gaming and console gaming is in its developing phase which would have allowed the firm to become attractive for consumers and develop a strong and loyal consumer base.Xbox Lounch in Korea Case Solution


The opportunities in the global console gaming industry are huge as the size is also very huge. The company can enhance on its ability to conduct market research and identify new segments to cater in the Korean market as well as in the other Asian market to support the expansion strategy of the company. Thus, the market development strategy for the company can prove to be success if the market research is enhanced.........................

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