Impact Of Introduction Of Commercial Green Energy In Massive Scale As Substitute For Oil In Pakistan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

1.1  Introduction

            Green energy includes various methods that help in generating power by using the natural processes and the renewable resources, which include the geothermal power, hydro power, wind power and the solar power. The green energy has become increasingly popular worldwide where different countries globally are trying to make it a substitute for oil. Green energy has been quite environmental friendly where it does not emit radiations that pollute the environment. Moreover, green energy has also been quite rapidly growing where major innovations have been taking place to ensure that it becomes an alternate for the crude oil.

1.2 Statement of the problem

            Analyze and evaluate the impact of commercial green energy, whether it can serve as the substitute for oil in Pakistan on a massive scale or not.

1.3 Research Question

            Impact of introduction of commercial green energy in massive scale as substitute for oil in Pakistan

1.4 Literature Review

            Green energy or the renewable energy basically refers to the wider range of energy sources which include the wind and the sun,which are used as a part of the earth natural cycle. Since the deposits of the fossil fuel have been laid down millions of years ago, the green energy has been replacing the traditional form of generating energy (Mark Z. 2011).Green energy sources are quite important because they are used to contribute little or no pollution to the overall atmosphere. Green energy has been prevailing quite rapidly in the market where countries are actually trying to replace the traditional methods with the green renewable energy. Some of the benefits of the commercial green energy is that it enhances and also protects the biodiversity and the ecosystems. Moreover, it also helps in improving the air and water quality. Green energy system reduces the waste streams. It also helps in restoring and conversing the natural resources. The economic benefit of the green energy system is that it reduces the operating cost. It also improves the occupant productivity (Graves, 2011). The usage of green energy system helps in enhancing the asset profit and value. It also optimizes the life cycle economic performance. The social benefit of using green energy is that it enhances and improves the health and comfort of the surrounding. It also helps in improving the indoor air quality. The overall quality of life is also improved through the effective and efficient use of green energy system.

1.5 Method of research

The research method that needs to be used to find the results of the research objective should be a balance of desk research and primary research. The reason of opting for the two research methods is based upon the fact that desk research will help the country finding the results of other countries, the advantages and the disadvantages. On the other hand, by conducting primary research it would help in finding the accurate results for the country because eventually replacing oil cannot be an easy decision, therefore, primary research needs to be conducted for accurate results and to survey the market accordingly (Jupe, 2007).Impact of Introduction of Green Resources as Substitute for Oil in Pakistan Case Solution


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Impact Of Introduction Of Commercial Green Energy In Massive Scale As Substitute For Oil In Pakistan

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