Racial inequality and criminal justice


Something that is in conversation everywhere and the hottest topic of all times is racial inequality and the criminal justice. The systems and the behaviour of the people associated with the system is the most important thing in making this topic in discussion every time. There is always a possibility that justice may not be provided to the victim or the plaintive. However, the system is in the process of amendments and changes are always possible in a system as there is no such thing as a perfect thing except God and its laws.


To analyse the case it is important to see all the aspects of the case. The case is to consider the racial behaviour of the people in the judicial system. This can also be considered as an inequitable judicial system for the race of a particular type. Following are the aspects that are needed to be reviewed to analyse the situation.


Race can be defined as the social construct of peoplewho share similar and distinctive physical characteristics. This can be different from the thinking of the people as people refer race as being white or black only. However,the difference is that the people who share a similar and a distinctive character from others which is carried on from the ancestors of them.

There is no such thing as choice in being a black person or a white person. Even if a rational and a sensible person will be asked to choose for a race he or she will chose to be what they are and not a different race. Therefore, creating difference on the basis of race is a biased approach towards a society, which will not help the society in the long run and will create conflicts and fights. (Skiba and Williams 2014).

What is wrong?

There are two types of people living in this world; the one who supports racism and the one who do not support racism. The people who support racism are maintaining their point of view of being superior to others. Well if one has to be superior to the other, then he should have the superiority of knowledge and wisdom but not on the basis of being white. (Jefferson1968).

Why not to be racial?

The impact of having a racial behaviour will kill the society or will distribute the society in two blacks and whites. This will increase the environment of hatred and anger towards each other. The behaviour is not helpful to run a society and the children who will be raised in such a society will hate the black or white more than their parents as the hatred will grow with them............

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