The digital world around us is changing rapidly. In a blink of an eye and within a heartbeat, technologies come and go. The skills of the workers which were the hot skills of yesterday have become an obsolete function for tomorrow. All the biggest needs of today surround the core but these needs would be changing rapidly over the next period as the next generations start to realize their promises. The impact made by the next generation technologies would be big and it would be significant.

According to Dice, one of the major drivers for such changes are the technological advancements which are taking place within the electronics industry as a result of the increased consumer demand and more rapid emergence of wearable electronics.There are already a range of smart devices, which are in high demand in the market and in the next decade there is also going to be significant demand for array of other smart devices such as smart clothing and smart glasses.

The emergence of these products is going to reshape the marketplace, the manufacturing systems of the organizations and also up-skill the current skill levels of the companies around the world. As these new technologies start to emerge within the electronics industry, the companies would be seeking for high skill talented app developers that would be capable of the programming software such as scaled down interfaces and tiny screens.

In most of the cases, the interfaces might also not include a screen and the smart device would be operated simply using the gestures and speech controls. Moreover, the emergence of the robots and drones in the marketplace and most of the organization such as Google, FedEx, Amazon and Facebook have already shown interest in deploying their resources in the field of commercial drones. One thing is for sure very clear that the skills required by the organization are going to be very different in less than a decade.

Consumer Demand within the Smart Tech Market

             The demand for the electronic and the smart devices has been expanding rapidly and the main factor for this rapid expansion of the demand is basically the emergence of the computing technology and the use focused end devices. However, the drivers of the demand of smart devices have become more complex in the recent years. The reason for this complexity is not only the expansion of the end system and end devices expansion but it is also due to the expansion of the consumer electronics(Weiser 1991).

The consumer electronics demand is coming from the economic and the regional demands of the global consumers and most of these global consumers have purchased their first smart device which is the only getaway to the internet and their only computing device. There are many shifts today which are being observed within the long standing pillars of this smart industry and the main force behind all these shifts is the rapid adoption of the consumers of these smart devices in order to meet their computing needs. These shifts have resulted in the increase of demand of the smart devices and personal desktop and enterprise PCs are no longer considered as the mainstays.

There are also other market dynamics, which are going to have an impact on the demand of these consumer electronic products. These include the diversifying landscape of the devices, expansion of the geographic markets especially the emerging markets of the world and the rise of the new markets of automation and other components. The component refresh cycle and the continuous demand cycle spurs new demand within the industry(Poslad 2009). Furthermore, this demand is also pushed forward by the next generation computing and electronic devices................

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