Airbus: A2200 Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Scoping the Project

This section will entail a brief overview of the project describing the project to the companies and seeking their interest by exhibiting the detail related to the project. Apart from that, this section will also present the main benefits or the advantages that can be attained through this project by the airline companies. Furthermore, there are certain issues related to the project that will also be exhibited in this section in order to provide a complete rationale to the companies, which will be guiding them in taking a concrete and appropriate decision.

Project Overview

Airbus is about to introduce a new line of aircrafts in the market to make the industry more competitive and attractive for the passengers. Currently, the industry has aircrafts that are providing quick and fast service with a speed of less than 1000 km/h; however, the new line of aircrafts that Airbus is aiming to introduce is far quicker and faster than the current aircrafts and will allow the passengers to be more facilitated with the introduction. Therefore, the project is launched with the aim to provide airline companies the chance to excel in the service and seek high returns on it.

This new project will be shaping the future for the aircraft industry and will make it much more attractive not just for the passengers, but for the investors as well and will be guiding the airline companies to gain potential advantage in this competitive industry. Till date, the industry has only witnessed Concorde, the only aircraft to achieve the speed level of above 2000 km/h and no jet or aircraft has ever been able to meet the level of speed. Therefore, the potential to exploit opportunities in this segment are wide open for the airline companies.

Keeping all the potential aspects of the industry and the benefits that can be attained, the company is aiming to launch a new product that will be known as A2200 aircraft series. This series will be based on the phenomenon of Concorde and will be catering the segment that is still not being occupied by anyone. Thus, this can be a lucrative opportunity for the company as well as well as for companies aiming to gain potential competitive edge in the industry.

The production facility is established in Toulouse, France which will be taking care of the project completion. The project will be completed in the next three years which is the planned scenario and will introduce the aircraft to the market after testing the product. The project will be on functional basis after 3 years as planned and any issue associated with it can out a delay but contingency plan is established to facilitate this.

Benefits Associated

This project is one of its kind in the current era which is the reason why there are certain major benefits that the airline companies can attain form this project. Since the project is based on the base line of Concorde and will provide rapid and quicker flight service, which is why the main benefit is the fast service. The time duration will be minimized and the passengers will be able to cover the distance in less time.Airbus A2200 Project Case Solution

Thus, the companies that will be using the A22200 aircraft will be able to provide quicker service and the flight durations will be minimized. The project will be based upon the supersonic speed, which will be the main advantage of the project as the speed will be far more superior to any other service or plane. Safety and handling are the main benefits associated with it as well.

Furthermore, there are some other important aspects that are important to address which can be regarded as the main benefits associated with the A22200 project. The first aspect is the luxury in service that the passengers will be able to gain form flying into A2200 aircrafts. Luxury is the main aspect that will be the selling point of the service and will be the main attraction point. Furthermore, the fleet of engineering that is used to develop such projects will be the main benefit associated with it as it enhances the factor of safety and minimize the risks associated with the engineering. The flaws of engineering will be very few, which is the reason why the damage control will not be a concerning point................

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