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            The essay is about the tips that are useful while going through to solve a finance case study, in this case the financial analyses and financial management both are under consideration.  In this case, there are 10 tips those are starting from the arrangement of the facts to recommendation of the best course of action.


            The tips to solve finance case study are important to get the desired outcome from the case writer and this can help to cover the majority of the case requirements and the effective manner can save the time of the writer. Their tips help the case writer to focus only on relevant data and skim all the extra material that is not useful to solve the case study.

Arranging the facts covering the case:

            In the first case, the best possible effect by the case writer is to arrange the facts of the case that can be too long and the data may be scattered. In the first place, the writer must first understand the requirements and memorize those requirements while going through to read the case study. The requirements understanding gives the writer an idea about his target to do all those things required under this case by him. This knowledge about the requirements gives the writers an opportunity to highlight or extract only relevant facts and figures relevant to solve the requirements and he can skim all other things that are not under the focus of requirements. During reading, the reader has to read the case quickly and must slow down only when it has found some relevant data otherwise read it quickly. In some cases, the help of headings seems to be productive for the case writer in that the case writer can easily highlight the headings those are relevant to solve the requirements of the case. As this is finance case study, therefore it is required from the case study solution writer to understand and interpret the figures and charts that are given in the case and useful to solve the case study. The solution writer must hold the financial background because the financial terms can be better interpreted by the person with a financial background. It is necessary to better understand the terms first while going towards the next part of the suggestion (Shiksha, 2015).

Financial planning: Describe the relevant analysis methods appropriate to achieve the desired results.

            After getting the relevant data, it is required by the solution writer to first know about the next step to take place first. After getting the relevant data from the case, it is then necessary to describe the models and appropriate frameworks that are required to use that data in order to get desired results from the selected data on the case. In financial planning, the case solution writer must have a better understanding about the financial data analysis methods in that it can better know which analysis methods is appropriate to analysis the data provided or extracted under last tip. Planning is necessary because without planning, the chances of mistakes are higher and in case of planning the risk of failure is minimized because the execution with the plan is considered to be better to get the solution.

Key areas to analyze (Problem identification and other main points):

            This is the trickiest part during the case reading for the solution writer, in this part he has to extract the problem. The case is based upon a problem and the case solution writer is under consideration to extract the problem from the case and it may be the case that the problemscan be more than one. If the solution writer has successfully extracted the problems then he has better understood and way to go for the solution and rectification of those problems identified under the case. The issue must be understood in depth in order to get a good knowledge that is applied under the analysis of the report, the in depth understanding gives the writer a power to write better and perform better over the case solution(prenhall, 2015).Tips to solve the finance case study Case Solution

            The other points may be some of the issues that may not be the problem; however, they can be any opportunities that are presented under the case that seems to be helpful while going through for such solution. After taking all the steps now the solution writer has all the things that are necessary to analyze the data and recommend an appropriate solution. The material must be there for the solution writer, therefore it is required by him to use the provided material and apply his academic knowledge to get the write material that is required under the analysis of the case. Important points must be used under the analysis (prenhall, 2015).....................

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